Small scratches, superficial damage or simply discolouration from years of use? You can camouflage it with a custom color. The colors come directly from the LCK® color laboratory and are always appropriate.

Dig up the purchase receipt! Yes, that little receipt in that thick folder full of papers. The purchase receipt describes exactly which type of leather and color code belong to your furniture. As soon as you know this, you can easily order the original color in the webshop. Click here for the Keralux® colour repair set.

In that case, there are a few alternatives:

  • A colour to RAL-number (just like in the paint shop!)
  • A colour from a small leather sample

We can make almost any colour from an official (!) RAL-number. You need a RAL-card for this. Visit the local paint or DIY store, in some cases they lend out these types of cards (or fans) for free. Then pass on the number to us by email, usually we also ask if you want to send in a photo. For convenience, send this along in advance.

Colour from leather sample
The best option is to send us a sample if you are unsure about the right color. Such a sample could  be a small strip of leather of approximately 0.5-4.0 cm (about half the size of your little finger). This can often be cut away behind a zipper, or at the bottom of a piece of furniture. Send the sample, stating your contact details, to:

LCK® Nederland BV
PO Box 16
7390 AA Twello
The Netherlands

As soon as LCK® has received the sample in good order, they will contact you.


Please feel free to contact us, our service team will take care of you!

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